Container management

An RFID based container management system enables users track the ways and whereabouts of individual containers efficiently and reliably. Therefore, each container will be equipped with a suitable Transponder and then automatically identified at the respective reading points (f.e. entry and exit gates, sorting shelves, disinfection locks). Contrary to Barcode systems, no direct line of sight is needed between Transponder and reading device. Mobile solutions, that allow transfer of empty containers from one customer to another during a single tour, for example, are also possible.


Choosing the most suitable Transponder depends largely on the existing process. The most economic option is a printable and laundry suitable RFID label designed by GERA-IDENT. These RFID labels may be printed (f.e. company logo and Barcode) and programmed according to customer request and are easily attached to containers with a special click-mount system that only requires a few manual steps. This creates the option of a combined RFID-Barcode-solution.  All identification technology can be easily connected to either tex.ident® or other software by means of standardized interfaces.



  • Permanent abstract of all overdue container returns
  • Records of every single container (customers, distribution and delivery)
  • Prevention of insufficient or excess stock
  • Savings on investements for new containers
  • Possibility to implement rental fee system could generate additional sources of income
  • Records of indivdual container service lives
  • Exceptionally high hygenic status due to exact verification of completed disinfection by identifying containers on clean side of disinfection locks
  • No more space problems during container return peaks