Smart RFID - a simple palette labelling solution

In recent years, certain retail chains require RFID-labelling of goods meant for them. This poses a serious challenge, especially for smaller suppliers that do not use an RFID system themselves.

In such a case, the Smart RFID system may be the solution. Aside from the current shipping label according to EAN 128, an RFID label is either manually or automatically applied to the palettes. The EAN 128-code is read, by means of a handheld device that is equipped with the Smart RFID software. The handheld device will convert the EAN 128 code  into an EPC SSCC96 code and program it into the memory chip on the RFID label.

This easy to operate labelling system, based on handheld devices, offers a low-cost solution that meets retail demands for equipping product palettes with RFID labels, particularly to smaller manufacturing companies. Operating the system is simple, effective and contains only few menu items, as is apparent from the screen shots.