GERA-IDENT presents new sorting shelf modules and RFID container labels at Altenpflege 2013

GERA-IDENT will again come to Nuremberg this year to showcase at the trade show for the elderly care its novelties of the tried and tested tex.ident®laundry identification system. Apart from the already presented and long established hardware and software components for the customized tracking of laundry from old age and nursing homes, for example, the focus this time is on new developments for the LED-controlled sorting shelf and container management. The known sorting shelf solution can now be extended by the mobile sorting modules GP-S 110.

By a new type of connecting system any number of shelf units can be added to or detached from the main shelf. Thus, it is now possible to save space on the one hand and be more flexible in sorting underwear of major customers on the other. In addition the planning and purchase of a shelf become much easier because one can start out with a small shelf unit and add more any time later. This development fits very well into GERA-IDENT‘s philosophy of gradual extension of identification solutions at laundries to achieve a balanced cost-benefit ratio.

The second highlight is the RFID container label as a novelty in container management and the management of laundry containers in particular. It has been common practice previously to identify laundry containers by barcode labels or RFID tags cast in plastic material. Now, both solutions can be combined by means of a printable RFID label cutting costs to a fraction of the previous investment costs. The labels can be provided with the company logo and a barcode by a thermal transfer printer often already available at laundries and easily applied to the container by means of the purpose-designed click bracket. This kind of container tracking system  provides maximum transparency at minimum cost in the daily routine by automatic booking of containers from and to the customers.

The container management, the sorting shelf control and the identification of washing by RFID and/or barcode are integral part of the tex.ident® identification system by GERA-IDENTGmbH. We are looking forward to meeting you at our stand (4-545) at Altenpflege.

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