We’re moving!

Another milestone in GERA-IDENT’s history is imminent. Our two locations in Gera are merged into one for efficiency reasons. Therefore, our  corporate management, administration and sales department will move into our present productions and development facility.

Needless to say, we will be letting go something we have grown accustomed to over the years. Those who have visited us at our premises in Clara-Zetkin-Str. 14 to discuss and solve technical and commercial usually enjoyed the very pleasant, urban ambiance that our offices provided. The further development of our company on behalf of our clients is naturally and understandably our top priority. Thus, taking this step to merge, also to ensure optimal business operations, was only a matter of time. Consequently, we will be able to demonstrate our portfolio and scope of business in a more tangible, transparent and compact way. This includes the development and manufacturing of RFID data carriers and readers for various applications, as well as identification technologies for the textile industry and other RFID applications.

That is why this move is not just simply about shifting work stations. With this move, we have also expanded our show room, set up meeting areas for technical and commercial consultations and extended our RFID laboratory in our premises that was the former yarn-weaving factory in Gera-Liebschwitz.  We have remained faithful to our philosophy of “combining history with high technology”.

Our premises at

Company address:

Zoitzstrasse 3

07551 Gera-Liebschwitz

Delivery address/ site entrance:

Hinter der Zoitzmühle

07551 Gera-Liebschwitz

date back to the year 1834 and are therefore the oldest industrial site in Gera.

The address of uur website will continue to be:


Telephone and fax numbers of our main office will also remain the same:

Tel: +49 365 8307000

Fax: +49 365 83070029

The merger of company sites will be completed on the 29.08.2011.

We look forward to welcoming you in our new offices and to a successful business co-Operation.

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