GERA-IDENT gains another RFID- feasability project

According to GERA-IDENT, the application of Radio Frequency Identification for the optimisation of logistical processes is always linked to certain commercial and technical requirements. There are plenty of successful projects. That is usually the case when a clear statement regarding the feasibility and efficiency was drawn up in advance and when companies specialized in these fields are involved early on.

Most recently, GERA-IDENT was ordered to prepare a feasibility study for a large company in the field of medical engineering. In this particular case, certain logistical processes are to be analysed, the application of RFID and /or barcode is to be examined and the financial expenses are to be reviewed and presented in order to aid in the decision-making process for further course of action.

By now, this is the tenth such feasibility project by GERA-IDENT. Thus, the company has gathered vast experience in generating these types of pre-investment studies.

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