Time registration by GERA-IDENT at the 40th Gera Marathon

For the first time this year, RFID chips will be employed on starting numbers for the annual New Year’s marathon 2009 in Gera, introducing a new quality of results registration. GERA-IDENT supplied the sports club 1. SV Gera with approximately 700 Transponders, in order to facilitate time registration at the finish line of the event.

For this application, the transponder identification numbers will be assigned to the respective starting numbers. At the finish line, the athletes will run though a so-called reader gate that collects the identification numbers; thereby determining the times captured which are then synchronised in a database.

Apart from providing transponders and the reading device, GERA-IDENT will also equip the sports club with the necessary software that will be required for this application, hereby carrying on its tradition of sports promotion, as was the case for time registration at the Enduro Dirt Bike events, or the Chess Olympics 2008 in Dresden.  Commercially, GERA-IDENT is by now also widely known for manufacturing and delivering tickets to major sports events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spa, Belgium. This is possible since GERA-IDENT offers complete RFID solutions, starting from data carriers, to reading devices up to the Software.

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