GERA-IDENT presents solution for management of laundry containers

This year GERA-IDENT will be attending again two events of the laundry sector trade associations (Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege e.v.) taking place in Bad Kissingen from 15 to 17 October 2009 and FWL (Fachverband für Wäscher-, Textil- und Versorgungsmanagement) in Bad Reichenhall from 22 to 24 Oct. 2009. The innovative laundry identification systemtex.ident® will be presented there.

It covers the data carriers (data matrix code and/or RFID chips), the necessary readers, software, container management by RFID technology and the sorting shelf equipment for fast sorting of laundry on customer or resident level.  This year special focus will be on the presentation of the new RFID-controlled highly flexible container management system. At the annual FWL conference the cooperation with Nordhäuser Palettenbau GmbH will play a major role.

For the first time laundry container will be presented to a broad professional audience that are either provided with data carriers or prepared for  being retrofitted with transponders later. The laundry containers are identified   by readers made by GERA-IDENT. The application of innovative technologies was and is the focus when it comes to developing identification systems. GERA-IDENT can now offer data carriers adjusted to the different work loads of laundries.

All components from a single source should be a major benefit for all users. Currently GERA-IDENT is installing the tex.ident®. system at several laundries. The improved tunnel readers for the identification of RFID chips for textile rental now constitute state-of-the-art when it comes to reading the content of laundry bags.

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