New research project for the management of medical products to minimize incidents of mix-ups in intensive care units

Together with co-operations partner company GODYO AG Business Solutions and under the project title: “Minimisation of incidental mix-ups in the management of blood products in intensive care units. Optimisation of the blood life cycle from donation to transfusion”, GERA-IDENT is set to develop a system solution until 2011 that will account for the administration of the entire blood life cycle, from the donation phase all the way to the transfusion, by implementing RFID technology in the process of research and hardware application.

Clinical management, patient security and the pharmaceutical sector are amongst the major RFID application areas within the health industry.

RFID makes it possible to maintain consistent supervision of blood donations in the intensive care units, in order to avoid mix-ups, therefore securing associated logistical processes that take place in the intensive care units.

Considering the degree in which human blood is deployed for therapeutic purposes nowadays, and the risks involved, it is extremely essential to comply with rigorous standards for the preparation, processing, storage and transportation involved. Therefore it is particularly crucial to ensure consistent retraceability of the life cycle from the donation to the application phase.

Within the scope of this project, conclusions will have to be met that maintain their technical validity for at least the next 3 to 5 years.

In order to guarantee its practical relevancy, the university hospital in Jena will be integrated into this project.  In co-operation with the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, the applications using RFID technology will be adjusted and optimised for this process.

Information about the initial results and findings of this project will be discussed in greater detail at the AiF Innovations Day in Berlin that will take place on 01.07.2009. This project will be facilitated by the German federal ministry of research and technology, under the direction of the German federal parliament.

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