GERA-IDENT presents its demonstration center

GERA-IDENT presents technical possibilities and solutions of RFID in its newly opened RFID demonstration center.

GERA-IDENT has officially opened an RFID demonstration center for its customers within its facilities. The initial development stage is now completed. In the demonstration center, customers may experience the technical possibilities of RFID by means of tangible applications but also understand the performance limits of the technology. On visitor request, GERA-IDENT employees will explain the physical basics and are available for application specific discussions.

In order to be able to demonstrate a complete range of applications, the demonstration center is constantly being supplemented with new applications, as far as it benefits understanding the RFID technology.

GERA-IDENT is looking forward to welcoming you to its demonstration center and hopes your visit will contribute to your better understanding of the possible fields of applications.

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