Formula 1 – Tickets by GERA-IDENT

Gera, September 2008 – RFIDEA, RFID a specialist for identification and traceability, was commissioned by the Formula 1 race organizer in Spa, Belgium to develop an all-in-one solution for access control of the expected 300,000 spectators. GERA-IDENT has become RFIDEA’s preferred partner in this project for the production and supply of 300,000 RFID tickets.

The tickets were produced on one of the most advanced Bielomatik converters at the premises of GERA-IDENT in Gera-Liebschwitz. For the ticket system RFID inlays provided with tiny RFID microchips were laminated between the two printed speciality paper parts of the ticket. The preprinted tickets were then sent to RFIDEA and encoded there.

Every ticket was individually printed and programmed by RFIDEA. At the entrances of the race course the tickets were read by RFID hand readers (PDAs) and the staff was thus able to check which persons had access to the seating area. The information was then transmitted wirelessly to a safe network server serving as real-time management control system for this event.

The tickets are hugely important for this solution, as stated by FrançoisDetraux, RFIDEA ProjectEngineer.The quality, delivery and further processing of the tickets were excellent. GERA-IDENT convinced in this partnership.

The reliability, security and simplicity of the solution satisfied both the spectators and the event organizers. This smart solution by RFIDEA including the tickets by GERA-IDENT can be used for various events, such as tennis, golf, football, music festivals, concerts etc.

The facility of GERA-IDENT produced a total of 300,000 tickets for the Grand Prix in Belgium. It is capable of producing up to 60 million tickets, tags or labels per year. Apart from tickets for major events RFID labels are mainly developed and manufactured for logistics and retail purposes as well as document management and protection systems against plagiarism.

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